Hyper Hub Campaign Module

Hyper Hub Campaign Module

Digital Marketing campaign tracking software displaying dashboard analytics of your campaign activity in real time.

The Hyper Hub Campaign Module tracks the responses to your marketing campaigns by channel, by day and links directly into the Database Module and Profile Module.  Microsite profiling results show detailed analytics on the profile of your audience and graphs on when people are responding.

Dashboard Reporting

The Campaign Module of the Hyper Hub lets marketers analyse their Digital Database Marketing campaign activity and watch the results in real time. Live tracking and analytics brings together a powerful set of tools to create a clear picture of your campaign performance and enables marketers to react to campaigns immediately if they need to without waiting till the end.

Your Sales Teams have the ability to make contact with responders immediately via phone or even automatic email and record the outcome in the notes section of Database Module.

Displaying a list of all your responses, their profile and analysis is displayed via multiple graph styles and each contact is automatically plotted along the Purchase Cycle in the Database Module.

Hyper Hub Campaign Module Dashboard Graph
Hyper Hub Campaign Module Detail Graph

Search Responders

The Hyper Hub Campaign Module shows you every single person who responds to  your digital marketing campaigns by name, date, location and profile type.

When they respond from a Hyper Hyper microsite, you can even see the individual answers of their preferences, lifestyle and any specific profile questions you have included.

Each digital marketing campaign shows the campaign creative, lists the objectives and individual graphs on each microsite question.

The simple search feature lets you make selections on the responses by any of the fields available and displays the results and counts.  You can download them.

More detailed analytics is available as a seperate plug-in if required.

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