Unlock The Power Of Your Database And Watch Your Business Thrive

The Database Module keeps track of all your market efforts, prospects and customers and measures their level of engagement with your organisation.

Hyper Hub Database Module Website

Hyper Hub Database Module

Manages multiple database

Tracks engagement of each contact

Flexible field creation and naming

Search and filter contacts

Easy to create and download reports

Hyper Hub is designed specifically for
Small Businesses, Not For Profits, Local Government Areas,
Governments and Associations.


No need for multiple spreadsheets or spending time on data entry.

economic value

Learn the value of your database to your business or organisation.


Create new fields and rename them with meaning to your business.


Know where your contacts are along the Purchase/Advocacy Cycle.

Appointment SCHEDULING

Create and set up appointments or meetings with your contacts

notes & Documents

Upload and save notes and documents to each contact.

Features & Benefits

Hyper Hub Database Fields Management

The unique ability of the Hyper Hub to link all modules together and with your Database, lets you build targeted lists for your email communications.

Using the contact and engagement history of all your database contacts, helps you create the best list of people for your email.

With an additional six subscription streams to select from, your email deploying pool can cross reference multiple databases without creating duplicate contacts.

Your emails will be more personalised with content that is relevant to your audience which increases your open rates and clicks for call to action.

Send increments of your email deploying pool or all your emails at once. If you want to send your email in the future, set a date using the Scheduling Calendar.

Watch the results of your Email Campaign live, and across multiple devices including your mobile!

Marketing Communication & Database Engagement Software

Hyper Hyper Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software Box


Simple to use

Easy to understand

One interconnected system

Available on multiple devices

Running in real-time

Downloadable presentation reports

A Community Engagement tool

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