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Hyper Hub Email Module

Email Marketing Software that links directly to your existing databases and automatically manages your unsubscribes, bounces and live reporting.

Using templates created to your own brand, simply add text and images, make the data selection from the Hyper Hub Database Module and watch the results in real time.


Create Emails

The Email Module of the Hyper Hub is a simple and easy to use email system.  Simply select from your list of branded templates and use the drag and drop function to add images or to write your text.

Select the data from the Database Module of the Hyper Hub, send yourself and others test emails and when you are ready, click the send button or schedule it for a future time.

The Email Module also includes landing page versions for people to view an online version and it can be sent from your own email address.

Hyper Hub Email Module Create Email
Hyper Hub Email Module Record Detail

Automatic Updates

The Email Module of the Hyper Hub automatically assigns the email campaign to the individual record in the Database Module.  It records the time and day it was sent, received and opened.  

You don’t have to upload or match spreadsheets to your databases to see who is opening your emails or manually remove people who have unsubscribed.

The automatic updates and reporting, directly back into your database keeps your database clean and also keeps track of where people are on along the Purchase Cycle.

As a marketer, this information is invaluable in knowing what people need to move from Awareness to Purchase.

Dashboard Reporting

The Hyper Hub Email Module dashboard reporting shows you detailed information on how your email campaigns are performing.  At a glance you can see the total number of emails sent, the number of opens, unsubscribes or bounces.

Each individual email campaign can also be viewed on the dashboard or a more detailed view of results by clicking into the specific campaign.

One of best graphs for email marketers is to see the open rate of the total emails by time and by day.  This helps you to plan and schedule your emails to get the best results from your email marketing activity.

The Email Module of the Hyper Hub sends more than 1 million emails per month and your emails have your branding on them.

Editing an Email

Editing an Email using the Hyper Hub Email Module is easy using the intuitive and flexible editing capabilities. Follow this step by step video guide from the Hyper Hub video library, 


Adding Attachments

Using the Hyper Hub Email Module, it is easy to add attachments to emails. Follow this step by step video guide from the Hyper Hub video library, 


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