Hyper Hub Event Module

Event Management Software that automates the entire online registration process, professionally and easily and links directly into the database module for tracking and online check-in at your event.

Linking directly with the Database Module of the Hyper Hub you have full history and contact information of people who have registered.


Guest Registration

The Hyper Hub Event Module sends event branded emails to your database, and then automatically manages your guest registrations via event branded registration pages. Your guests can also register other guests which are linked to their own registration.

Guests click through to the online registration pages to see full details of the event and to register their details and any guests they will be bringing.  The Event Module also has the ability to accept payment for events as seperate plug-in if required.

Once they are registered, the Hyper Hub Event Module automatically sends branded emails to each person confirming their attendance.

Hyper Hub Event Module Registration and Email
Hyper Hub Event Module Check In Graph

Guest Check-Ins 

The Hyper Hub Event Module manages guest check-ins easily at your events using any mobile device.  It also links directly with the Hyper Hub Database Module, so it shows you the personal contact information and history of each attendee as you check them in!

Last minute check-ins or guests can easily be entered into the Hyper Hub Event Module as well.

Dashboard Reporting

The Hyper Hub Event Module gives you the ability to control the event capacity and the overflow of registrations.  When an event reaches full capacity, potential guests are asked if they would like to be on the waitlist for future availability.

The Hyper Hub Event Module lets your guests easily change their own RSVP status at any time and is automatically recorded and managed in the Hyper Hub so event planners always know how many people have registered in real time.

The Event Module dashboard clearly displays the capacity number and the number of people who have registered to attend the event.


Hyper Hub Event Module Capacity Graph

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