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General Questions

Hyper Hub is cloud based software available on phone, tablet or desktop.

No, customers simply login via using the secure login, however when you save the Home Screen to your desktop, you can access it like an app.

Yes, your data is 100% yours and at any time you can download it directly from the Hyper Hub simply by clicking the Download button.

Yes, any changes your customers make to their contact details will be updated in real time in your database.

Yes, many clients have pages available to their members & properties so they can only see and update their specific website page. They can update text and images and in easy to use Hyper Hub environment.  To set-up your website so your members can update their own webpage does incur an additional set-up charge.

Yes, you can. There is no additional fee for multiple lists within your database.

Yes, included in the standard Hyper Hub contract you may send up to 70,000 emails per month. Additional emails can be sent for an additional fee.

No. The Hyper Hub will automatically dedupe contacts based on email address and your contact will only receive the email once.

We usually allow four weeks to set up, logos, email templates and customised reporting. This also includes set-up of the included 5 user licenses.

Make sure your database is up to date and emails are deliverable. If you are not sure about the integrity of your database, Hyper Hyper can help you with this process.

Contract & Payment

No, the Hyper Hub is an integrated system and you get use of all the modules when you purchase the software.

The standard contract is two years.

Yes, but the monthly fee is more than the standard two-year option (25% more).

No, you will be reminded that your contract is coming up for renewal in the last quarter. Three months’ notice is required to cancel.

Payment terms are 30 days from invoice.

Customers have two payment options:

Monthly – standard 2-year contract will consist of 24 payments invoiced on the 1st of each month

Annually – standard 2-year contract will be 2 payments, invoiced at the start of each subscription year. This payment option will attract a 10% discount.

5 user licenses come standard with the Hyper Hub software contract. Additional licenses are available in bundles of 5 for an additional fee of $750.

User Guide and one on one training for key users. Additional training is available onsite or by video conference for an additional fee.

Yes, there is a penalty if you wish to terminate your Hyper Hub contract early. You must give three months’ notice to terminate and then you must pay 50% of the remaining payments.

Hyper Hub access is suspended until payment is received. However, we prefer not to get to this stage and will be happy to arrange other payment option – please call us to discuss.

Yes, Hyper Hub is the brainchild from the founder of Hyper Hyper Marketing, Margaux Everett. After years of unsuccessfully trying to work with other marketing platforms that are not integrated, in 2005 Hyper Hyper designed and built the Hyper Hub – the one integrated marketing automation software.

Annual Subscription

Set up an account with primary users and activate each module including:

Database import and CRM

Dashboard set up

Email Templates set up and logo & branding

Reporting and data download set up


Purchase Cycle rules

Once only fee

Provision of half day training including:

Training across all Hyper Hub® modules

How to add new users

Master Set up of Modules to create campaigns

Set up menu options

How to track live campaign responses

Hard copy training manuals

Once only fee (ongoing phone support available)  


Creation of an account in the Hyper Hub® with access to all modules including:

5 licenced users

Unlimited data/databases

Up to 70,000 emails deployed per month

Manage email unsubscribes into the database

Self-profiling by database contacts to manage unsubscribes

Database Analysis and Ongoing Recommendations

Annual subscription Fee comes with or without Member Portal 


50% Set up and training costs are due on placement of order with balance on completion, usually within 4 weeks.

Standard Hyper Hub

Upfront: 10% discount applies if paid once only per annum 

Per Month: Full prices paid in equal monthly instalments


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