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The Hyper Hub System

Hyper Hyper has designed and built the easiest database marketing automated software called Hyper Hub®.

Hyper Hub is an intuitive, multi-user software program that works seamlessly as the singular platform to combine all the elements marketers need for digital and database marketing.

Hyper Hub brings together the building blocks in one system to make it easier for businesses to achieve their real goals, instead of trying to merge multiple other software packages together. 

Detailed dashboard of activity and analytics reporting of data in real time and is accessible on all devices.

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Hyper Hub Dashboard

Hyper Hub Dashboard

Hyper Hub® dashboard provides real time insights into your data including where your contacts are on the Purchase Cycle and the Economic Value Opportunity.

Imagine knowing how much your database is worth to you over time?

A snapshot of Upcoming Activity including calls to make, email campaigns launching, upcoming events, surveys and digital campaigns.

Detailed Dahsboard Reporting

Each module of the Hyper Hub® has its own dashboard reporting and even more detailed analytics.

Real time tracking of all media channels, marketing effectiveness, email results, campaign return on investments and all accessible across multiple devices.

All graphs are downloadable and easy to include in your reports with stats and samples.

At a glance reporting shows the best time to run a campaign, when people are responding, what they are responding to and through which mediums or channels.

Hyper Hub Detailed Dashboard by Module
Hyper Hub Detailed Graphs

Detailed Graphs & Reporting

Delve deeper into each module for a more detailed report of responses and their answers to surveys, emails or campaigns.

As soon as your campaign goes live, your reports start working and you can follow the responses in real time by multiple channels on all devices.

All graphs are downloadable and easy to include in your reports with stats and samples.

Click to Add and Manage Fields

Throughout the Hyper Hub® and Database Module you have complete control to add new fields and how they collect and hold your information.

You can change the name of fields as you need to suit your own business and even change the order they appear on the screen by drag & drop placement.

The filter lets you change the sort criteria to display the information you need at the click of a button.

Hyper Hub Click to Add and Manage Fields

Website Integration

Hyper Hub® fully integrates with individual or multiple websites. 

It includes Member Portal option for your members or remote users to update their profile or information, you can upload documents and monitor accounts and fees plus much more! All published in real time online and update in the Hyper Hub.

Tracking and analytics to measure all data activity to give our clients full insight into how their database and digital marketing is working.

Hyper Hub Website Integration Portal

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