Let’s face it… It’s glamorous, it’s fun, it is Australian art and design at its best.
In the coming weeks, we will be launching a capital raise with Birchal Financial Services in the format of “Crowd Source Funding” whereby investors like you, will make this dream a reality for future generations and to simply be part of just ‘doing a good thing’ for society, and this is your opportunity to be involved from the beginning.
I'd like to join in!
Yes! Please keep me up to date with information on how I can help.
Any other designs or stories?
We have the most amazing stories of missing designs, wallpapers or even designers. If you have any information or stories you'd like to share, we would LOVE to hear them.

Wait - I have friends who you should talk to!

Please send an email to my friends too. I think they would love to be involved and also help.


Thank you

We really appreciate your interest and can't wait to get started on this exciting project. Keep up to date with our developments on our website and of course our Facebook and Instagram pages.