Are you a specialist marketing & software company?


Getting started.

We set you up so you hit the ground running with a clean database, templates created for emails, events, social media platforms and a communication plan for when to deploy your communications. You are set up to continue using the HYPER HUB on your own.

Working with you.

Once you are ready to go, you have the option for our team to continuing working with you.  We can help to design your creative emails and social media, write your content, send your emails and post your social media. You get to track everything in real-time on the HYPER HUB platform, across any device.

Special Projects.

You might just want to use us on a temporary basis to get a task completed…

Survey and profile your database – Measure the engagement of your customers – Check the wellbeing of your staff – Acquire new customers – Promote your business to new contacts.

You chose how you work with us.

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Your database is the core of your business.

Up until now, Australian businesses have had to rely on lots of different software plug-ins and spreadsheets to access the information in their database of their own contacts, members and communities. Often when this happens the integrity of data is compromised and the relationship with your contacts is not nurtured.

HYPER HUB helps you understand exactly what the contacts in your database are interested in, and what they want from your business. This not only turns them into a Customer but an Advocate.

This is a common story we come across more often every day.

It’s about a business who subscribed to a popular, overseas email software company for sending email blasts to their database.

Over the last 15 years they had built their database from past customers, enquiries, competitions and promotions, all with the intention of sending regular email newsletters to keep their company name ‘front-mind’ to their database contacts. They had a very healthy database of 20,000 people!

After a while the response rates declined. People were not opening, making contact or sales enquires anymore.

“Quick! Let’s start posting on social media.  All our competitors are there, so we better be there too” they said.

Sure enough, they soon accumulated thousands of Likes and Followers and they were happy… until they realised those Likes, Smiles, Hearts or Congratulations, were not converting to sales.  

They spent more money on social media to try and get more Likes than their competitors. Their competitors also spent more money on social media to outperform everyone else. In the end, the social media platforms became the place to compare Likes on posts – great for awareness, but what about actual sales?

When business was getting a bit tough and budgets were being cut, they returned to their email database and realised the software they were still subscribing to, wasn’t supporting their business needs.

What they thought was a database was actually just lots of email lists full of duplicate contacts, inaccurate information, and most of all, they didn’t know anything about any of their potential customers.

They had been sending a singular email message to everyone in the database, regardless if they were interested in that topic or not. This was why people began to unsubscribe, not respond or make contact anymore.

They knew they needed to re-engage their database. And fast.

Learn how Signature Prints created a new home for their sales & marketing with HYPER HUB.

Signature Prints uses Hyper Hub sales marketing database engagement platform
Signature Prints uses Hyper Hub Database and Engagement Sales & Marketing Platform

“The Hyper Hub and their team have not only given us a great platform to use, but they work with us to provide a strategy to achieve our marketing goals.  They are a whizz marketing agency with their own software that all businesses need.”

David Lennie, Owner Signature Prints

See how the HYPER HUB team did it…

  • Signature Prints started with their own Hyper Hub account
  • We Cleaned and updated their database
  • Each contact was Profiled to learn what is important to them
  • We created a marketing communication schedule for them
  • Every database contact was then nurtured along the Purchase Cycle towards a Sale

Signature Prints now has a single view of their customer database and can track the level of engagement of their contacts in real-time, across multiple devices.

That’s not all…

The Hyper Hub enabled them to create a digital VIP Lounge to share designs, photo’s, events, and manage exclusive content …only accessed by selected customers.

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If you want to build trust and loyalty with your customers, prospects and staff, so they become advocates of your business, Hyper Hub® is the software solution platform for you.

Let’s take a look at the best Hyper Hub package for you.