Profile, understand and track your database for maximum engagement  

The Profile Module plots digital campaign responses,
 against The Australian Bureau of Statistics overlay for a deeper level of database profiling.

Hyper Hub Profile Module

Plots database lists and campaign responses

Target the correct persona by geo-demographic area

Improve your understanding to create relevant campaigns

Overlay campaign responses with existing database lists

Database profiling to maximise your ROI

Hyper Hub is designed specifically for
Small Businesses, Not For Profits, Local Government Areas,
Governments and Associations.


The profiling and plotting of your database and campaigns is automatic.

greater RETURNs

Having deeper insights means you can spend less for greater returns.

Interactive mapping

Profile Module plots your database or responders to digital campaigns.

Database profiling

Establish a quantifiable persona profile of your database.

Campaign tracking

Live campaign tracking to ensure you are targeting the correct persona.

Aust. bureau of statistics

Responders are automatically placed into an Aust. Bureau of Statistics mesh block.

Features & Benefits

The unique ability of the Hyper Hub to link all modules together combined with the Profile module capabilities, delivers greater insights and a deeper geographical understanding of your database.

Profile module tracks in real-time which allows marketers to understand campaign efficiency and make changes if the responders are not in the intended geographical area. 

Zoom in mapping and Australian Bureau of Statistics mesh block overlays, create visual and powerful geographical reporting and analytics.

Profile module includes sorting capabilities such as  results by top ten postcodes, mesh block personas (family composition, gender etc) , campaign type and more.

Watch the results of your digital marketing campaign be plotted on the Australian map live, and across multiple devices including your mobile!

Marketing Communication & Database Engagement Software


Simple to use

Easy to understand

One interconnected system

Available on multiple devices

Running in real-time

Downloadable presentation reports

A Community Engagement tool

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