Hyper Hub Profile Module

Take a look at where the contacts of your database are located on a map of Australia (or the World!).  Each of your database profiles appears as a different colour so you can see where your customers are and where your prospects are too. 

You can also see where the responses to your digital marketing campaigns are coming from in real time to make sure they are the right profile you are looking to talk to. 

Live Profiling

Live profiling helps marketers make sure the responders are your target Persona and also in the correct geo-demographic area.

The Hyper Hub Profile Module also uses the Australian Bureau of Statistics . 

Every contact who responds to your digital marketing activity is automatically placed into an Australian Bureau of Statistics mesh block range.  

As this happens in real time, it allows marketers and media buyers to track that responders meet the persona you are looking for, or make changes if required. 

Hyper Hub Profile Module Graph
Profile Module Sample Hyper Hub Sample

Database Profiling

Each mesh block contains the profile description of people including:

+ Relationship in household by age by sex

+ Family composition

+ Labour force by age by sex

+ Industry Employment by age by sex

+ Occupation by age by sex

This establishes the quantifiable persona profile of your database or the campaign and where to find more of the same. 

Hyper Hub campaign microsites provides the additional, individual experiences, and lifestyle information for hyper personalised marketing.

DNA Profiling

Using the Survey Module of the Hyper Hub, Hyper Hyper profiled more than 300,000 people across Australia to determine their Consumer Behaviour which we have broken down into DNA Profiles.


This information forms a building block of rich data you can use to make your targeted selection of DNA Profiles (persona’s) or to learn more about your own database. 


You have the ability to profile people on more than 6 layers of deep analytics including location and region data, and the Australian Bureau of Statistics Meshblock and Census data and more than 50 profiling questions from The Australian Pulse®.

The Australian Pulse Layer Profile

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