For one night only, the Old Dubbo Gaol opens its doors to secret bars, alleyways and secret treasures, embracing Dubbo’s contribution to Australia’s inglorious prohibition years.

Food, wine and liquor will be abundant but only the secret code will unlock the onsite bar to a hidden world of fellow revellers just like you, dressed to the nines, dancing and singing along to live music bands! 

JOIN US back in time to ‘Australia 1920’s’, where drinking halls and whisky bars were secretly entertaining guests behind closed doors!  Music, drinking and dancing brings the soul to life, so put on your best 1920’s prohibition costume, grab your friends and celebrate Prohibition!

arrow-iconThe Old Dubbo Gaol

The remarkably intact 19th century Old Dubbo Gaol, features eerie gallows and a hangman’s kit used by Robert “Nosey Bob” Howard. The story of the hangman with no face will lift the hairs on the back of your neck! After only a few minutes at the Old Dubbo Gaol, you will be wondering …

How long would you last in Dubbo Gaol?



Our Event Partners

Devil’s Elbow Brewery

Dubbo welcomes its newest venue, a first of its kind in Central NSW. Devil’s Elbow offers a unique experience where beer is brewed and coffee is roasted onsite and showcased to the customers to see, touch, smell, and taste. It is the ultimate ‘senses’adventure … all in one place. Offering quality food, specialty wines and a mixture of everyday lager, and different ales – all beer names and labels are from famous people, places or landmarks around Dubbo to celebrate the city’s history. Why not pop in and sample a few whilst in Dubbo!

At the Prohibition event, look out for Devil’s Elbow Brewery, presenting their flagship mid-strength lager – Dub Vegas, punchy IPA – Flash Kate and flavoursome Red Ale – Nosey Bob.

Black Gate Distillery

At our Prohibition event, discover the underworld trade of “The Black Gate Distillery” a boutique operation in Dubbo and has won numerous Australian awards for their Whisky and Rum including; Dark Rum, Single Malt Whisky and Quandong Liqueur.

Stay the weekend and taste the delicious Blue Sky Cheese from the infamous ‘Little Big Dairy Co.’ and you can’t go past mouth-watering dumplings from Red Earth Estate.

Don’t miss the heritage listed Milestone Hotel and let your imagination run wild in the place notorious underworld figure, Kate Leigh, opened ‘Flash Kate’s Casino’ there in the late 1920s.

Want to escape to the country? Dubbo is one of the most visited places in New South Wales, and for good reason! From the famous Taronga Western Plains Zoo to the rich history of the Old Dubbo Gaol, Dubbo has something for everyone. Click below for your chance to WIN your Escape to Dubbo!