Create quick Surveys to better understand your audience 

The Survey Module allows you to create a professional survey in minutes.
Survey answers are automatically updated in database contacts record.

Hyper Hub Survey Module

Simple and professional survey creation 

Tracks survey responses by channel and list

10 Different Question Types

One click download of results into PDF report

Survey templates to match your branding

Hyper Hub is designed specifically for
Small Businesses, Not For Profits, Local Government Areas,
Governments and Associations.


Easy intuitive survey creation and management


Start your survey creation and come back to it when you are ready.


Reorder survey questions with a simple drag and drop

10 different question types

Sliding scale, multiple choice, table boxes or open fields available in the one survey.

secret or disclosed ballot

Options to create surveys for secret undisclosed or disclosed ballots.

reporting & analytics

Built-in charts by channel, response time and by individual question.

Features & Benefits

The unique ability of the Hyper Hub to link all modules together and with your Database, lets you build targeted surveys to better understand your consumer.

Create individual tracking links to use across different channels so you can analyse and compare survey responses.

The Survey Module of the Hyper Hub also tracks and plots the location of where people are responding from, in a live environment via the Profile Module, so you can see the demographic and profile type of who they are.

Survey answers to profiling questions update directly into the database contacts record. No more double handling or manual input.

Watch the results of your Survey live, and across multiple devices including your mobile!

Marketing Communication & Database Engagement Software

Hyper Hyper Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software Box


Simple to use

Easy to understand

One interconnected system

Available on multiple devices

Running in real-time

Downloadable presentation reports

A Community Engagement tool

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