Hyper Hub Survey Module

Hyper Hub Survey Module

The Hyper Hub Survey Module is a simple to use Online Survey tool that you can use to collect feedback, quick yes/no style answers, simple tick box, multi-choice results and opinions from the general public or your customers. 

The Survey Module of the Hyper Hub also tracks and plots the location of where people are responding from, in a live environment via the Profile Module, so you can see the demographic and profile type of who they are.

Easy to use Survey Module

The Hyper Hub Survey Module is a very simple and easy to use survey tool. 

Survey’s help you understand the Voice Of the Customer and gauge their thoughts and feelings on a particular subject, what their status is in relation to industry trends or just a poll to count how many people prefer different options.

With the Hyper Hub Survey Module, you can create as many surveys as you need and with as many users as you need.


Hyper Hub Survey Module Master Setup
Hyper Hub Survey Module Results

Secret Survey or Profiled

You can create Secret Survey’s or Profiled Survey’s with the Hyper Hub Survey Module, meaning you can link it to the Database Module to ask your Customers or Prospects to answer the Survey, or you can make it public where people don’t need to provide their information.

Detailed reporting in real time also lets you see the results as they happen.  You can make as many edits or changes to the Survey as you like.  The Hyper Hub Survey Module is fast, simple and easy to use!


Tracking Results by Channel

Create individual tracking links to use across different channels so you can analyse which digital medium works best for you.

You can create tracking links for your survey for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, publications or anywhere you want to ask people questions or take a poll.

All the results are presented in the Dashboard of the Hyper Hub for you to watch in real time.

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