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Replacing high-potential talent can cost a business two to three times their salary

If you've ever lost a star employee, you might appreciate the void it leaves

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Cost of hiring. Includes advertising open positions, screening applications and interviewing candidates.

Cost of onboarding. On average, it takes six to nine months of an employee’s salary to locate, train and onboard a replacement.

Cost of lost productivity. New hires simply aren’t as productive as the person they’re replacing and may take a year or two to get to that level.

Engagement. Assuming just one other employee of a similar level and pay bracket considers leaving.

Source: Natasha Boddy Work & Careers reporter, AFR

The Hyper Hub® makes it easy for you to engage with staff, teams, communities and groups of people who you value and you want to keep engaged.

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Engagement is more than a survey

When you use the Hyper Hub® as your single, integrated platform you can engage your employees and measure wellness in ways that make people feel recognised and valued.

The Hyper Hub® provides you more than just a survey, it measures activity across all modules including profiling, attendance at events, number of emails, and automatically displays the total engagement along the Engagement Cycle in real time. 

The Hyper Hub® Member Portal provides an integrated environment where your team can view documents, read announcements, see the amount of activity they’ve engaged with and even keep their own profile up-to-date, empowering them to take ownership too.  

Engagement & Wellness

Employee engagement and wellness are about protecting your human capital, your most valuable asset.

In a study of nearly 200 organisations, companies with the highest levels of employee engagement were 22% more profitable and 21% more productive than those with low levels of engagement. Another analysis found that organisations with engaged employees outperform those without by an astounding 202%.

Source: Naz Beheshti Contributor ForbesWomen CEO-Prananaz, Executive Coach, Author of Pause. Breathe. Choose.

Passion is everything

People who are passionate about their work are often the best people to interact with your customers. Passion is everything and others will take notice. 

Engaged employees, communities and people are more involved and invested in their roles and are therefore less likely to leave their position. Sometimes your best people aren’t engaged—and you may risk losing them. 

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That's only the beginning...

Let us show you how the Hyper Hub® Member Portal links your teams together and connects everyone into your business.

Share and upload documents, photo’s, special announcements, maps, send SMS messages …everything you need your team to have at their finger tips!

Top 7 Reasons for Engagement

Measure individual engagement

Give people a voice

Increase employee engagement

Direct organisational growth

Benchmark results

Reduce staff turnover

Encourage behaviour change

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If you want to build trust and loyalty with your customers, prospects and staff, so they become advocates of your business, Hyper Hub® is the software solution platform for you.