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Shape & Refine your Message.  Take your message testing to a whole new level with the Hyper Hub and include testing that tells you how consumers will respond to your campaign and why.  Use language that will build rapport with customers.

Drive Behaviour Change. Identify the language needed to reduce resistance to change. Increase your impact with people who decide for themselves and those influenced by external factors.

Get Insights on Tricky Problems. Use the Hyper Hub 12 answer styles to gain deeper insights on how people make decisions.  This understanding helps solve conflicts between those who prefer to create alternatives vs. those who follow a step-by-step procedure. Help your clients attract new customers and increase their sales by segmenting their marketing instead of a single approach.

Voice of Customer. Help your clients understand the voice of their customers by learning their language and what is important to them.  

The Hyper Hub® makes it easy for you to conduct market research and profile contacts in a way not previously available.

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Research is more than a survey

Drive business success by using the Hyper Hub to get the critical answers you need by undertaking research that engages your audience.

Get robust data on your client databases, extended contacts that are most relevant to you.

Are you doing research the best way possible?

Values & Engagement

The Hyper Hub has inbuilt Schwartz values charts and Meta Programming style answers to help you add another layer of understanding when you conduct your market research.  

Enhance traditional methods of market research by using the Hyper Hub to gain insights not previously accessible.  

Hyper Hub can Help you...

Create engaging surveys that don’t create button fatigue.  Access more than 12 different answer styles to help you get clear and detailed responses as well as understand the Meta Programming behind people’s decision making to understand the ‘why‘ not just the ‘what‘.

Create a campaign microsite that progresses through the questioning with engaging images to hold contributors retention.

Live results across multiple devices on the Hyper Hub!

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That's only the beginning...

Let us show you how the Hyper Hub® Member Portal links your teams together and connects everyone into your business.

Share and upload documents, photo’s, special announcements, maps, send SMS messages …everything you need your team to have at their finger tips!

Top 5 Reasons for Digital Research5

Profile your clients’ database

Multiple answer styles

Deeper personal insights into ‘why‘ instead of just ‘what

Increase response rates

Responses 24/7 (many people respond between 2am – 4am!)

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If you want to build trust and loyalty with your customers, prospects and staff, so they become advocates of your business, Hyper Hub® is the software solution platform for you.