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Unlock the Power of Your Database

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Hyper Hub is an intuitive, multi-user database analysis and marketing software program designed by marketers for marketers.

Consisting of 6 interconnecting modules of Database, Campaign, Profile, Survey, Email and Events, the Hyper Hub works seamlessly as the singular platform to simply capture, measure and track live campaign analytics for marketers.

The live tracking ability measures all your digital marketing and campaign activity as it happens in real time. All the responders are automatically added and profiled into your Database Module and plotted in the Profile Module.

Hyper Hub Dashboard

Access the information you need at a glance on the Hyper Hub Dashboard.  You can view all the activity you have generated via the Hyper Hub modules, check your database counts, keep track of your Upcoming Marketing Activity and monitor where people are on the Advocacy Cycle.

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Hyper Hub Database Module

Manage your multiple databases in the Hyper Hub and keep all your records up to date and accurate. Easily search for contacts, add notes, update profiles, add photo’s, record history, and engagement levels.

See where every contact is on the Purchase Cycle and see graphs of the activity with your website, portals and emails. The Hyper Hub Database Module shows you the analytics of your data, broken down into easy to understand graphs which help you in sales and marketing decisions.

Hyper Hub by Hyper Hyper Digital & Database Marketing Software Database Module
Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software by Hyper Hyper Profile Module

Hyper Hub Profile Module

Watch the responders to your campaign activity, plotted in real time in the Profile module of Hyper Hub across all devices.

Live viewing helps marketers make sure the responders are your target Persona and also in the correct geo-demographic area.

The Hyper Hub Profile module also uses the Australian Bureau of Statistics household persona data to further profile your databases and campaign results.

Hyper Hub Survey Module

Online surveys are a great way to quickly understand what your audience or customers are thinking.  Quickly setting up a survey for people to click their answers or give more detailed responses. 

The Hyper Hub Survey Module connects with the Database Module for a personalised survey or you can generate a link and publish it across multiple channels to a wider audience.  

Live tracking of all results can be viewed across multiple devices, allowing you to make tweaks and edits if you need. 

Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software by Hyper Hyper Dashboard
Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software by Hyper Hyper Event Module

Hyper Hub Event Module

Manage the registrations and check-ins of all your events with Hyper Hub Event Module.

You have the ability to control the event capacity and the overflow of registrations, send reminder emails to people who have registered and the follow-up emails after your event has finished.

Manage check-ins easily at your events with Hyper Hub using any mobile device …it even shows the contact history directly from the Database Module so you know their specific information about them when they arrive at your event

Hyper Hub Email Module

Create, set up and schedule your own email marketing campaigns from the Email Module of the Hyper Hub.

Send 100,000’s of emails per month, branded to your own style guide.  Simply add text, images and links, select your data from the database module and send!

Live reporting via the Hyper Hub also provides reporting on the best time to send your emails for the best results, and automatically manages all your unsubscribes to ensure your database integrity.

Hyper Hub by Hyper Hyper Digital & Database Marketing Software Email Module
Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software by Hyper Hyper Dashboard

Hyper Hub Campaign Module

The Campaign Module of Hyper Hub tracks your digital marketing and communication campaigns via a live tracking dashboard. 

You can watch the live results of your digital marketing activity by every channel, by day, by response type.

Live tracking and analytics brings together a powerful set of tools to create a clear picture of your campaign performance and enables marketers to react to campaigns immediately if they need to without waiting till the end.

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