Create beautiful emails to communicate to and engage with your database


Build personalised microsite pages like a professional for your digital marketing


Manage all your databases in one simple system with detailed data analytics


Design and set up professional looking surveys in minutes


Create professional invitations and manage registrations to your events


Plot your database geographically and profile against Aust Bureau Stats data

Hyper Hub is designed specifically for
Small Businesses, Not For Profits, Local Government Areas,
Governments and Associations.

Choose the perfect plan

Multiple payment packages to help you get started with Hyper Hub

Learn what is important to people on your database and how you can engage with them better and increase their advocacy for you.


Per month

  • Unlimited contacts
  • 5 user licenses
  • Aust Bureau of Stats
  • Live reporting
  • Template creation
  • 1 year contract

Not For Profits & Associations

Hyper Hyper is committed towards a positive social impact 


Per month

  • Unlimited contacts
  • 10 user licenses
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Aust Bureau of Stats
  • Template creation
  • 1 year contract

Corporates & Government

Includes 10 hours per month in strategic and customer support


Per month

  • Unlimited contacts
  • 50 user licenses
  • SMS broadcasting
  • Aust Bureau of Stats
  • Template creation
  • Member Portal

Community and Memberships

Includes 15 hours per month in strategic and customer support

Enterprise level available for large scale customers.
 For all new accounts an additional once only set-up fee will be charged in addition.
Hyper Hub Best Email Marketing Software Small Medium Businesses

6 marketing tools in 1 system

Hyper Hub® brings together all the building blocks your business needs for successful email marketing in one easy to use system.

All 6 modules that small to medium sized businesses need to grow are all linked together, so you don’t have to use different software programs and try to make them fit.  The good part is that it is ready for you to use without any programming or set up!  

It’s ready to plug ‘n play!

Small to medium sized businesses can focus on their business instead of trying to learn how to use complicated software.

The Hyper Hub® detailed dashboard of activity and analytics reporting data in real time, and is accessible on all devices too!


Perfect for associations or businesses that have a membership base.

Customisable member portal with separate security login.

Upload documents, Internal announcements.

Direct back-end link to your website.

The Hyper Hub Member Portal module is the easiest way to measure engagement
along the Advocacy/Purchase Cycle and increase loyalty from your database and constituents.

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Community Engagement Member Portal

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