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Hyper Hub Database Module

Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software, Database Module manages all your databases on one platform, while automatically providing live dashboard analytics on customers, prospects, stakeholders and more.  Easy search functions for contacts, recording of notes and uploading of documents.  

The Hyper Hub Database Module also has the option to link directly into your website so your members can manage their own information via the Hyper Hub member portal plug-in.

Multiple Databases

Keep your multiple databases clean, no duplicate records and formatted correctly on the Hyper Hub Database Module, a single platform accessed by multiple users.  Your team can access all your databases on the same platform, from multiple devices in a live environment.  

Your team can access your customers and prospects, keep notes, upload files, track the email opens of each person, follow the responses to digital marketing and even view their profile information.

Any updates or changes in any other Hyper Hub module is automatically updated in the Hyper Hub Database Module so your information is always kept up-to-date and clean for everyone to use.

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Database Module Hyper Hub Sample Database Fields

Database Search

The Hyper Hub Database Module has a very simple search function for you to find your contacts and their information.

With Hyper Hub Database Module, it is very easy to add new fields to meet your database requirements and add that to the dashboard reporting if required.

All search results are displayed with easy clicking into a single record for full information, and data is easy to download or export in either .csv or Excel.  The Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software makes it easy to understand your database.

Dashboard Reporting

The Hyper Hub Database Module dashboard reporting shows you detailed information on what is happening with your database.  At a glance you can see the number of customers and prospects, where they are along the engagement or purchase cycle, how engaged they are with your business and the Economic Value Opportunity you can expect over time.

The Hyper Hub Digital & Database Marketing Software, Database Module also shows you your top performing customers by location and by revenue, as well as the age of your database.  

The Database Module also uses predictive modelling and data mining to learn who your best prospects are, where to locate them and other profiling information to help you make sales and marketing decisions.

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