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Hyper Hub is designed specifically for
Small Businesses, Not For Profits, Local Government Areas,
Communities and Associations

The Hyper Hub® is the only Australian database management software platform that automatically links the most popular marketing, engagement and data management modules together and connects you in real time, across multiple devices.  All your data stays in Australia.

Say goodbye to all of these...

...and Hello to the Hyper Hub!

Hubspot Salesforce mailchimp eventbrite surveymonkey

No need to log into multiple websites and systems anymore. 

Replace everything and use the ONE system – Hyper Hub.

If you use any of these marketing techniques to promote and manage your business, you need to be using the Hyper Hub.

It saves you money and all your data stays in Australia


Create beautiful emails to communicate and engage with your database


Build personalised microsite pages like a professional for your digital marketing


Create professional invitations and manage registrations to your events


Manage all your databases in one simple system with detailed data analytics


Design and set up professional looking surveys in minutes


Plot your database geographically and profile against Aust Bureau Stats data

Choose from one of 3 perfect plans

Multiple payment packages to help you get started with Hyper Hub

Learn what is important to people on your database and how you can better engage with them and increase their advocacy for you.

Member Hub

All features and functions within the Hyper Hub PLUS Member Portal

$4,500 per month

Best value for associations, local councils and communities
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Mega Hub

All features and functions within the Hyper Hub for multiple accounts

$6,000 per month

Ideal for agencies or stakeholders with multiple account holders
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For all new accounts an additional once only set-up fee will be charged in addition.

Your account is set up in 2 hours.  

Fast & Simple.

Want to know more?

Added Feature - Member Portal

Hyper Hub Website Integration Portal

The Member Portal links the Hyper Hub with your website.  

It is perfect for associations and businesses who want to provide their members an interface into their database.  It gives you the ability to speak directly with your members or stakeholders in a secure intranet style environment.  

Upload documents, send personal messages, track membership fees while your contacts manage their own profile information to keep your database up-to-date. 

The Hyper Hub Member Portal module is the easiest way to measure engagement along the Advocacy/Purchase Cycle and increase loyalty from your database and constituents.

Are your contacts moving along the Purchase Cycle?

Purchase Cycle

Move your prospects along the Purchase Cycle from Awareness to Purchase/Advocacy by understanding where they are on their journey.  At each stage of the Cycle, you will know what they need to be motivated to proceed into the next phase.

Communicate with your contacts and database like never before and increase your response rates and return on investment from your marketing, advertising and engagement.

Purchase Cycle by Hyper Hub

How does the Hyper Hub work?

The Hyper Hub is a Cloud-based database CRM platform focused on engagement and marketing support services for businesses to grow and nurture their customers.

CRM stands for “customer relationship management” and it stores customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers, email addresses and more.

The Hyper Hub Database Management CRM platform has the extra ability to track your marketing activity and analyse how your contacts engage with you.  This is very valuable because it shows you at a glance how engaged your customers are and how effective your communications with them are.

How does a Marketing CRM help?

  1.  Ditch clunky and manual processes
  2.  Live tracking on marketing activity
  3.  Purchase Cycle to see where all your customers are
  4.  Dashboard of marketing activity
  5.  Schedule of engagement programs
  6.  One place to store all information, documents, notes, attachments, marketing responses, events, survey’s and more.

What is a Cloud-based system?

A Cloud-based system means that you don’t need to download or buy any software.  You access the internet, log into your account and all your information is accessible to you immediately.

This is beneficial because you don’t need to worry about storing any software, managing updates or maintaining it.

Top 10 ways the Hyper Hub can help you.

  1.  Saves time
  2.  Automates your marketing
  3.  Live results in real-time
  4.  Detailed reporting
  5.  No programming
  6.  No duplicate contacts
  7.  No plug-ins
  8.  All connected
  9.  Easy to use
  10.  Access from multiple devices
What makes the Hyper Hub different? 
With all modules already built into the Hyper Hub, you don’t need separate spreadsheets or apps to conduct your marketing activity.  Everything is already included within the Hyper Hub platform.

What makes us different?

The Hyper Hub® is the only CRM Database Management & Engagement software platform in Australia that automatically integrates the six most sort after applications together in one system and in real time.

It also automatically geographically maps every contact in your database, and your data, against every Australian Bureau of Statistics data profiles. 

It is an easy and simple solution for people who are serious about Data Management, Database Marketing and Engagement.

The interactive dashboard records all your marketing and engagement activity and displays the engagement of the contacts in your databases, allowing you to see where everyone is on the Advocacy Cycle. 

The Hyper Hub provides you with the data-driven intelligence you need to manage data, engage and nurture your contacts, without additional plug-ins, programming or a data analyst.

Let's get you started...

How our clients use it

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